Sunday, May 25, 2014

WHAM! POW! AppSmashing Super Heros With YouDoodle & StoryMe!

This week 3rd graders finally finished a project that we started back in March!!  We really didn't take 3 months to work on the project, we just had many many school interruptions along the way. Students were so excited to get back to the their super hero alter ego comics and finish them up!  To remember our journey to the finish line, click on my two earlier blog posts - SMASH! BOOM! KAPOW! 3rd Graders Are Researching and Planning Their Super Alter Egos! and 3rd Graders Create Their Super Alter Egos Using The YouDoodle App!  Just to summarize, we read many super hero library books and MyOn eBooks to learn about the common elements found in super hero comics.

Students planned their own super hero alter egos complete with arch nemesis, side kick, super powers and plan to save the world!  Once they had their ideas planned out, they partnered up to take each other's pictures in a super hero pose.  We imported their picture into the YouDoodle App to decorate with capes, masks and other super hero paraphernalia.  

Finally, this week students appsmashed (moved) their decorated images from the YouDoodle App to the StoryMe App to give their images a "comic book" look, add captions and speech bubbles. Students added onamonapia words for extra comic book authenticity!

Their final projects turned out to be WHIZ! BANG! FANTASTIC!!