Friday, May 30, 2014

Confessions Of A Librarian - Book Stores Are My Guilty Pleasure!

I have always felt a little guilty that when I get time to myself, I love to go to our local books stores and look at the latest children's books. As a librarian, I should be choosing to go to our local public library, so I can support our wonderfully well stocked Dakota County Libraries.  I do love visiting our local libraries, but my guilty pleasure is browsing a book store children's section for an hour, reading the descriptions of all the new children's books!  I love finding the latest books and there is something so very tactile in the experience. Often, when I look at the publication date, they aren't even brand new books. I either missed them when they came out, or I couldn't afford to buy them all for our OHE library. I am always disappointed in the lack of selection in the nonfiction sections, but the fiction is fantastic!  I am especially fond of finding new books in series that I have already started!!

On my recent staycation to Barnes and Noble, I decided to document with pictures so I could share my findings on my blog. Maybe a few of you will enjoy my visit with me! Thanks to the nice Barnes & Noble associate who must have noticed I was snapping pictures every few minutes!