Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2nd Graders Read Scaredy Squirrel's Graphic Organizers & Plan For Summer Using The Popplet Lite App!

Scaredy Squirrel, a delightful series written and illustrated by Melanie Watts, is about a Squirrel who is afraid of everything!  For a sneak peak...

Scaredy Squirrel tries to cope with his fears by being highly organized and makings list, charts and elaborate plans!  In the end, after a scary event turns into an adventure, he discovers something new about himself and decides to plan for his future "jump(s) into the unknown".  Planning for his adventures make them less scary!!  

After reading several books from the Scaredy Squirrel series, students followed his organizational example and made a plan for summer.  To make their plan, students used the app - Popplet Lite.  This app is free and helps students organize their ideas into wonderful mind maps!  Students can include text, images and their "selfies", making their plan even more visually interesting!  Student plans included having an adventure just like Scaredy Squirrel!!