Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympic Research - Digging Deeper And Making Connections Using ThingLink!

Last week my students and I began researching the Olympics. (You can view the blog post - What My Students Can Learn From The Olympics... ) It is a such a relevant topic given the fact that most of my students are following the 2014 Olympics! Their interest and motivation for learning is built right into the topic!  

Today we followed up with last week's research by trying the ThingLink App. I gave students the opportunity to select whatever Olympic topic they wanted to know more about. Students dug deep to read about their chosen topic and select an image to represent their learning. They were encouraged to make connections to their topic - history, equipment, insider terms, and "how to" information were just a few connections we brainstormed. Once they had gathered their supporting information (links, images and text), students used the ThingLink App to put it all together into creative interactive images! Here are just a few examples! Hover over each image to find the links!