Monday, February 10, 2014

2nd Graders Share A Laugh Using The ChatterPix App During Joke Book January...Well...February!

Joke Book January was interrupted by five very very cold days!  Unfortunately Joke Book February just doesn't have the same ring!!  Inspite of the cold and delay, the 2nd graders and I had a great time sharing old jokes and learning new ones!

One of life's greatest joys - the laughter of children!!  This week 2nd graders have been reading jokes and treating me to the sound of their laughter. They are at a perfect age for joke books because many of them have begun to understand figurative language. They are ready to read for deeper meaning even when the deeper meaning comes in the form of a corny joke!

One of the best things about sharing jokes with second graders is that each time a joke is told, there is a noticeable pause as they think about it.  After the pause, assuming they grasp the meaning, they giggle, chuckle and at times, belly laugh! It is fun and very endearing to watch them process for meaning!

To find jokes we used a variety of joke books from our library and MyOn eBooks.

Students found their favorite joke, or made one up and wrote it down.

Once students had their joke, I asked them to find a noun from their joke.  They searched from an image of their chosen noun using Google images. Once they saved the image to the iPad Camera Roll, they were ready for the ChatterPix App.  

Students imported their image into the ChatterPix App, added a mouth to the image and recorded their voice telling their joke. This created a short movie. They exported their newly created movie to the camera roll and uploaded it to their Google Drive. Saving it to their Google Drive will give them the option to keep it and share it on their future student website.   

It was fun sharing our joke movies with one another. Enjoy our ChatterPix joke movies!