Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Wonderful Surprise For Digital Learning Day...A Golden Floppy!

Today, February 5th, is Digital Learning Day.  I was honored to receive Lakeville School District's Digital Day "Techy Teacher" Award, The Golden Floppy! I have no idea who nominated me, so please let me take a moment to thank the person for their kind gesture.

Lakeville School's Superintendent, Lisa Snyder, along with Digital Learning Coordinator, Trish Harvey, and Digital Learning Coach, Chris Myers, dropped by in the chaos of my 4th graders making I Spy Books!  It was a good chaos, a productive chaos, but chaos it was.  (To see the lesson - 4th Graders Take Their First Steps Toward Creating I SPY books!)

I remember, quite a few years ago, what it was like to teach without the use of technology, and I know that my students can learn and even excel without it. But lessons that incorporate technology give my students and I so much more freedom to be creative. Creativity is the secret ingredient that keeps students excited about learning and hungry for more. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be creative with them everyday!