Monday, February 3, 2014

4th Graders Take Their First Steps Toward Creating I Spy Books!!

Over the past week my students and I have been exploring nonfiction "fun" books.  Books that give us more than a story - books that teach us how to do something, books that make us laugh, and books that challenge us to solve problems and puzzles.   Currently our second graders are reading joke books, third graders are preparing to contribute to a class cookbook and fourth graders are creating look and find books.

The most tattered "well loved" section of our library is the I Spy book section.  Students pour over these wonderful books by author Jean Marzollo and photographer/illustrator Walter Wick.  We visited the Scholastic I Spy website to learn more about Ms. Marzollo and Mr. Wick.

We watched Mr. Wick create his photographic compositions!

Then students began by arranging their compositions. We learned from Walter Wick that the first step to creating each I Spy puzzle is arranging and photographing the objects.  Students had a great time selecting the objects for their pictures.  I gave them the choice of objects that I had gathered from a recent trip to the dollar store. 

Next they arranged and took pictures of their objects.