Monday, February 17, 2014

Students Present Us With Words Of Wisdom From Past Presidents Using Haiku Deck...

President's Day gave my students the perfect opportunity to learn from the wisdom of our past presidents!  After researching a president and choosing a favorite quote, each student used the Haiku Deck app to create posters to share their favorite quote.  I used FlipSnack to create an eBook using their posters!

Students had a difficult time understanding some of the quotes, so we had great conversations about what they meant!  It was a perfect opportunity to discuss the fact that though times have changed, and people express themselves differently now, people are still the same in many ways. It was a topic that begged for more time than we had!!  Even though my students had to dig to understand some of the quotes of past presidents, they seemed to grasp the value of their words.

We used a few helpful websites!

The Presidents / The White House