Saturday, February 8, 2014

What My Students Can Learn From The Olympics...History, Geography, Geopolitics and Inspiration!!

My students and I have been enthusiastically learning about the Olympics!!  

The 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi are providing us with the motivation for research, and a rich array of topics to learn about!!  Equally educational is the opportunity to share the many resources students can use to learn about the Olympics.  So much to learn many little time!!

With so many options for information at our fingertips, we only need to bring a little curiosity!!

We found out about the ancient and recent history of the Olympics from several MyOn eBooks, YouTube clips and the Olympic website.  

I was able to share some wonderful hard cover Olympic books with students.

Then we learned about geography using Google Earth and Google Maps.  Where is Sochi, Russia relative to our home here is Lakeville, Minnesota?

We had to talk about time zones!

And then there are the actual Olympic events! My students and I have so many opportunities to follow the Olympics using the Sochi 2014 App and a multitude of great websites - and NBC Olympics.  These sources give students the opportunity to look at event highlights, the medal counts, the personal stories of the athletes and the politics around the Olympics. 

So many wonderful little time!!!