Monday, February 3, 2014

I Recently Discovered A Great Book For Grown Ups - The Smartest Kids In The World By Amanda Ripley

A week ago I saw a twitter post by Dr. Lisa Snyder, superintendent of Lakeville Schools.

To be honest, I have so many books on my reading "to do" list right now. If you could have seen my thoughts when I saw the twitter post, you would have seen a thought bubble with the words "UGH - Not Another Book!" above my head.  Shocking, I know.  It must be a long reading list when the librarian is tempted to turn her back on a new book suggestion!!  With all the 2014 Newbery & Coretta Scott King award winning books being announced last Monday, my reading card was and is full.  But Dr. Snyder, was smart and added a link to a book trailer.   I am a sucker for a good book trailer...and I found this one to be a really compelling book trailer!

And after I saw the two minute book trailer, I was hooked and went looking for more and found the author, Amanda Ripley, doing a book talk...

I know it is really long, 46 minutes, but it is so interesting that I really felt like I needed to share!!!  I ran out and bought the book, and it moved to the top of my reading pile!!