Wednesday, February 19, 2014

3rd Graders Begin A Cookbook Project Using The Simply Cookin' App!

This week third graders are beginning a cookbook project! You may wonder why are students learning about cookbooks in media class? As part of a continuing study of nonfiction, we have been learning about books that teach us how to do things, make us laugh, and challenge us to solve problems and puzzles.  Students can learn a great deal from recipes and cookbooks! Text format, sequencing, writing directions and measurement are just a few of the lessons we will focus on!

Before we began writing our recipes, we looked at cookbooks and their standard format.  

We looked at examples of the recipes from our library's cookbooks and our MyOn eCookbooks!  We have some really great cookbook choices for our students!!

Each third grade class will be creating a cookbook.  I asked each student to bring a favorite recipe from home to share for their class cookbook!  After testing a great many recipe apps, I decided to have students use the app Simply Cookin' to publish their recipes.  I chose it because it seemed simple for my young chefs and because it didn't require them to use their email account to create an account. 

Students had to categorize their recipe!  Is it a appetizer?  Is it a beverage?

We will need a few class periods to finish our stay tuned for a blog post on our finished publications!!