Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Best App & Website Is Truly EPIC!

Every July, AASL releases their list of the year's best websites and apps. This list is rigorously vetted and is where I find some of my all time favorite apps! Often the digital tools are free, which makes it even more likely that I can find a place for them here at Oak Hills Elementary!

This year, among the apps was one stand out offering.  EPIC! eBooks is free for educators. Given the high price of eBooks, this is a tremendous gift to our students!

Once a teacher creates their free account, they can add students. EPIC! works with a laptop, chromebook and iPad (with the free app).  There are thousands of high quality fiction and nonfiction books. Teachers have the option to assign books for students to read and have them take teacher made quizzes. There are read aloud books and books that students can read to themselves. EPIC! even has lots of educational and "how to" videos!

I can't wait for our teachers to try out this fabulous tool!

Just a few examples!

And this eBook entitled Dog Selfies is my favorite!