Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kindergarteners Learn to Make Words With the Talking Alphabet From the Word Wizard App!

This week, our kindergarten teachers invited me in to team teach a literacy lesson with them.  They read the delightful ABC book by David Kirk, Miss Spider's ABC.  

We followed up the ABC book with the iPad app Word Wizard. Word Wizard is an app that has been around for awhile and is perfect for giving students an opportunity to spell words and hear them pronounced.  Unfortunately it is not free, but if I were to create a short list of apps that I believe are worth the money, Word Wizard would be on the list!

Each time a student touches a letter they get to hear the individual letter sounds.  When students put letters together and touch the new word, they get to hear their newly created word. Even in cases where the word is incorrectly spelled, students can hear it pronounced and try to correct their errors. The app has other spelling games as well.  Students can choose from a list of spelling games and practice that support them as they learn to read, write and spell.