Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2nd Graders Are Totally Captivated By Digital Books From Capstone's MyOn!

This week I have been helping our second grade teachers get their students reading with our fabulous digital reading program MyOn!  We have been using MyOn with our Oak Hills students for several years, but this year, with more devices for students to use, teachers are realizing the possibilities! MyOn will be perfect for students to use during their MTSS literacy time! The best thing about MyOn, beside giving students the opportunity to read digital books, is that it is a great source of nonfiction. 
Reading nonfiction helps students to improve their vocabulary, build background knowledge and because it is typically more challenging, it helps students to improve their overall reading skills! 

Students have the opportunity to read a variety of fun topics! 

Reading with MyOn is a great way to give students choice, prepare them for digital reading and give teachers feedback about student comprehension. We are delighted to have this fabulous tool!