Sunday, October 2, 2016

September...Back In The Swing &Taking The Show On The Road!!

Apologies to all of you kind readers and supporters of the Technology Is Loose In The Library Blog. I haven't posted since March!  My last post from March was right around the time that our school district (Lakeville Area Public Schools) finalized a decision to retool my position as media specialist and create a new position of Digital Literacy Specialist. This wasn't a surprise, as our small group of eight elementary media specialists were included in this redesign of our position. We were and are so grateful to be allowed to dream a little, and design the best possible program to help our staff and students become their digital best...creative, innovative learners!

Taking the Show on the Road!

So now I am writing you a few weeks into my new position as Digital Literacy Specialist.  I am just beginning to get the hang of the new job description.  I would describe it as...taking the digital show on the road! For years, I would teach students as their class would come to the library for 50 minutes while the classroom teacher would leave for their teacher preparation time. We had some really great digital lessons, but it was largely considered to be something students would do when they came to library class. Technology wasn't embedded into most of our classrooms or curriculum, and as a result we were leaving our teaching staff behind as we explored our digital possibilities. Now, with the addition of new digital devices WOOHOO!, and the reallocation of my time, I am able to collaborate and support teachers as they integrate technology into their classrooms!  I am still responsible for overseeing our fabulous library collection as well as tech support throughout our building, but now students, staff and I are able to explore and learn together!

I am most excited about the enthusiasm of the Oak Hills staff! They have really embraced the shift in my position! I shared my Google calendar with them, enabling them to schedule with me whenever they need me! My schedule has been PACKED from day one!  I've been in almost every classroom in the school multiple times! Partnering with teachers has helped to give our students more voice and choice! Students have been recording video, making with LittleBits, collaborating with Padlet, blogging with Blogger, searching with Destiny, keyboarding with, gaming with Kahoot, and sharing & responding with Schoology! I will be sharing these details in future blog posts, but needless to say, WHEW! September was a whirlwind and so so so much fun!