Friday, October 28, 2016

Students Propose "Invent For Good" Projects - SharkTank Style!

This week students in our 5th grade LittleBits Choice Unit took on a new Invent For Good Challenge  for their final project. Their teacher, Susie Wilson, gave students the time to research and think about the possibilities. She requested that students identify what they would need to complete their project and create a materials list. Of course, as the title implies, the ultimate objective was that their invention serve to make a difference in someone's life. Students used their chromebooks to look through the projects in the Invent For Good Challenge on the LittleBits website.  These completed challenges ignited student creativity as they decided on their own inventions!  Students came up with some really exciting projects - Bumper Bot, Dog Food Refiller, Pet Scratcher, Robo Servant & Temperature Sensing Fan.  

Once students created their plan, Mrs. Wilson and I became a panel of two teacher sharks! The students LOVED having us pretend to be sharks as we listened to their proposals and ask them questions to help them navigate the possible hiccups in their game plan. By the time we were finished, students had polished their ideas and were ready to get started on their inventions.  Stay tuned for our Invent for Good finished projects!